Nothing Without You

2012 - 2017



Have you ever truly connected with a painting, sculpture, photograph, drawing or any other medium of Art as if it is expressing your own feelings? As if it speaks your language? As if it is yours?

Art is a language, a form of personal expression to communicate things that words alone cannot: A Creation for the Eye. Art needs audience in order for a connection to be made, and each audience may experience the art differently based on their culture, life experience and past exposure to art. Art is not always about what the artist expresses rather its about what the audience sees and experiences.

Visual relationship between art, viewer, and space, which results in situations, moments, connection of the viewer with art, and the potential for creating art from art has inspired me to work on this project. The way space is used to display art and engage the viewer is an art form in its own right. When the space and art are in harmony, the viewer connects and the beauty of it is transpired, becoming part of the experience. That particular experience can never be repeated the same way again.

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