Fermata in Space

2016 - 2020

Fermata is a pause of unspecified length on a music note. A pause with a purpose.
Liminal Space is a pause in physical space or mental state, indicating the absence of life in such places with the premise that change is expected.

Shared urban spaces, such as waiting rooms, parking lots, stairwells, playgrounds, buses, churches, elevators, stadiums, and streets, demand people to serve their purpose. A liminal place isn't really meant to be its own entity: it requires life.

Space-Time is the thread of the fabric of our reality. When space is empty, then the relevance of Time and Space gets blurry. As if fermata has happened in the space. A pause, a break from life, or maybe anticipation for change or transition.

In this body of work, I have made an attempt to capture when likely familiar places are in the state of stillness and let the viewer refer back to their own memories. To reimagine and feel their past moments in such familiar places.

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