Brooklyn - nasserk



Brooklyn is a place of neighborhoods; each one with its own distinct personality. On long walks from neighborhood to neighborhood, I captured cultural images dotted across the urban landscape that whisper memories of the old worlds and cultures that they originated from.  I find it inspiring to witness so many different immigrant groups living side by side in peace, creating an exemplary model for peaceful coexistence in the world.  However, gentrification is rapidly spreading across the city, which will certainly change the cultural landscape of Brooklyn in coming years.


It is for all the above reasons that I have decided to document the landscape, environment, culture, and lifestyles of the Brooklyn that I have come to know.  It is a commitment that will take many years of interacting with the city, as this series of photos is only a small selection of a work in progress. These photos do not yet completely reflect the Brooklyn that I know and feel when I visit, but this project will continue to grow and evolve every time that I return in the years to come.

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